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inhalen verkeerSafe Crossings improves road safety in low- and middle income countries. We focus on interventions that provide high value for money (below USD 100 per DALY saved). Because safer roads means saving lives, creating better futures, and accelerating economic growth!

Our program is supported by leading road safety experts. We focus on the black spots, places where most crashes happen. At the black spots we invest in high value for money interventions (mainly on prevention of road crashes). We involve local communities and build local expertise.

Our program has the following steps:

1.  Select the Traffic Black Spots

We focus on the Traffic Black Spots where most crashes happen. In this way we create the highest impact. We select the Traffic Black Spots based on quantitative evidence and interactions with the local communities, government, police, and medical staff. We analyse each Traffic Black Spot thoroughly. Thus we ensure that our approach is well adapted to the local circumstances.

2. Invest in prevention

Reducing the speed of trucks, buses, cars, and motorcycles through physical measures like speed humps and creating safe pedestrian crossings are very cost-effective ways of preventing crashes. Enhancing visibility and educating people, especially school children, is often needed.

3. Implement locally

Quick and local implementation is a cornerstone of our approach. We work with (local) governments and local stakeholders to create buy-in for the road safety program. Local implementation partners take care of the installation of the preventative measures. We work with local experts to create a community of Road Safety practitioners.

4. Monitor and learn

Getting reliable quantitative data on the impact of our program is challenging but necessary. We start measuring before we implement any measures in order to establish a solid baseline situation. We measure progress in a way that is accepted by the scientific community. We are dedicated to continuously improve our program.

5. Hand over

We see our role as initiators and catalysts of change. After working with local communities and local experts during implementation of the Safe Crossings program, we will take a step back so that others on local level can take over and manage the program.