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Help us to raise the remaining 10.000 euro

A few weeks ago, we received the approval from the government in Bangladesh to start our pliot project. We are very much looking forward to do so as this is a great opportunity to give many children a safe route...
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Official permission received – we can start!

On May 27th 2014, we received the official permission from the Ministry of Communications in Bangladesh to start our Road Safety Project. This means that we can implement our Safe Crossings program at the three selected black spots: Nil Kuthi,...
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Start of baseline study in Nil Kuthi

During our visit in March, we have been working with our local project team to prepare the baseline studies in Nil Kuthi, Nama Para and Kunder Para. The baseline is the official kick off of the road safety program in Bangladesh and will enable us the measure...
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Holcim Bangladesh and Safe Crossings launch rickshaw visibility program

On March 3rd, Holcim Bangladesh and safe Crossings launched their visibility program for rickshaws. Poor visibility is one of the main causes for rickshaw drivers to get involved in traffic accidents. By placing reflective stickers on rickshaws, they will be visible...
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Safe Crossings is looking for volunteers

We are looking for volunteers who would like to help us to further build Safe Crossings and make a difference for people in developing countries. Do you have expertise in finance, marketing and/or fundraising and would you like to spend a couple of hours per month to help,...
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The Economist on the importance to invest in road safety

The Economist recently published two articles on the increasing burden of road crashes and the importance to invest in road safety in developing countries. Road deaths: driving to an early grave Road safety: Reinventing the wheel  
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The World Bank supports research Safe Crossings and CIPRB

Our road safety projects are focused on making impact. To measure this we have set up a monitoring and evaluation program, which is based on existing, proven methodologies. The Road Traffic Injury Research Network (RTIRN) has acknowlegdes the quality of our research by...
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Safe Crossings and Holcim work together on road safety in Bangladesh

Holcim Bangladesh has become the first company in Bangladesh to join the road safety coalition of Safe Crossings. Next to financial support for the N2 program, Holcim and Safe Crossings will set up a project in Comilla to improve the visibility of rickshaw drivers...
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